Furniture Manufacturing
Process Flow

Phase 1 (Receiving of Timber)

  • Timber taken from our storage area will be checked and measure to ensure sizes and moisture content is within requirements.
  • Each bundle is documented and release to production floor for processing.

Phase 2 (Seasoning, Kiln Dry & Storage)

  • Timber is then "stickered" to allow adequate air circulation within the bundle and placed under shelter for seasoning before being loaded into kiln dry rooms.
  • Seasoning and Kiln drying will take about 1-4 weeks depending on the size and species of the timber to reach optimum working moisture content of 9-13%.
  • Dried timber is then checked again by our QC team to ensure its quality. Dried timber is then documented and labeled to ensure traceability of each bundle.
  • Labeled timber bundle is then moved to our sheltered storage area, awaiting further processing.

Phase 3 (Cutting & Molding)

  • Selecting from the received timber bundle, each piece of timber is carefully cross cut into lengths required.
  • Cut timber is then bundled on pallets, which is then processed at our molding section to achieve the shapes and sizes required.
  • Documentation and identification of each bundle is properly done here to ensure chain of custody procedure is followed.

Phase 4 (Component Fabrication)

  • Molded timber is processes by different machines depending on its shape and design to acquire its features.
  • These components are then carefully sanded to round all sharp edges and smoothen out all surfaces.

Phase 5 (Assembly)

  • Each components will be assembled accordingly to form the part of the intended furniture.
  • Joints are glued together to form a strong bond. Assembled parts are then stacked together and labeled for traceability.

Phase 6 (Delivery)

  • Finished products will be loaded into containers according to customer's order.
  • These containers are then shipped out to our customers from all around the world.

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