About Hang Tuah

A History Introspective:
Hang Tuah Furniture Sdn Bhd.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company. The certification is a recognition that we have comply accordingly with streamlined business control as well as satisfying our overseas market policy of maintaining stringent quality and environmental protection requirements. Established in April 1994, Hang Tuah Furniture Sdn. Bhd. is one of the long established wholly own sawmillers/manufacturers/exporters of wood based products in Malaysia.

Our timber complex comprises of :

  • An up to date sawmilling plant with machineries capable of producing approximately 2,000m3 of sawn timber per month
  • A kiln drying plant with monthly producing capacity of 1,000m3 of kiln dried sawn timber.
  • An up to date moulding plant with monthly producing capacity of 1,200m3 per month
  • A furniture manufacturing plant with capabilities of producing 400 units of 40ft container of knockdown outdoor furniture yearly.
  • A door manufacturing plant with latest modern technology with capacity of approximately 100 units of 40ft container of panel doors, framed & ledged doors, stable doors, door & window frames yearly.

Presently, with an extensive workforce of 350 employees under Hang Tuah Furniture Sdn Bhd, we are dedicated in producing quality furniture which caters to our customers’ needs; we also accept in our customers’ request to produce knockdown outdoor furniture according to their own designs and specifications.

We are specialize in manufacturing high quality with superior workmanship of knockdown furniture which is of timeless elegance that comprises of framed & ledged doors, table doors, door & window frames, furniture parts, decking & floorings, finger joints & all types of general mouldings that promotes versatility and durability.

We are very meticulous in stringent quality control over our products, from the inspection time of raw materials, the time of kiln drying, moulding, woodworking, assembling and packaging until the final products are loaded into the containers of the shipments. This is to ensure our customers’ expectations are met and satisfied with tailor made outdoor furniture at its upmost diligence.

The timbers used in our production processed are from logs harvested under the Malaysian Sustainable Forest Management plan which compliment the International Tropical Timber Organisation (I.T.T.O)

Our present main marketplace and customers originated from North America, Western Europe, Oceania and South Africa.

With a prosperous business management plan, we have collaborated with many well known prestigious furniture establishments which houses Hang Tuah Sdn Bhd products.

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